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Sensory Workshop with the Artist Ryoko Sekiguchi

Smell and taste an island

Alongside the Japanese author and poetess Ryoko Sekiguchi, you are invited to rethink your relationship to the environment and to your senses. Through the Villa and its gardens, you will discover the scents and tastes of an island, perhaps even of an artwork, of the museum's reserves or of the essences of eucalyptus that envelop Porquerolles. A moment suspended, between a walk and a child's poetic snack.

"One day you will smell a scent, and you will think that this scent was once an island, an island you may have once been on." - Ryoko Sekiguchi

Courtesy of the artist


An author and translator living in Paris, Ryoko Sekiguchi is a master of the relationship between words and food. Writing about food or cooking is her way of understanding the world. She was a resident at the Villa Medici in Rome and the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto.  Attentive to culinary art in its genealogical and transcultural dimension, the experience of eating and drinking literally pledges her own body. She has published some twenty books, including Nagori (P.O.L., 2018) and 961 heures à Beyrouth (et 321 plats qui les accompagnent) (P.O.L, 2021).

Useful information

Up to 10 people
From July 11 to 16
From 2 pm to 4:30 pm, duration 2.5h
Rate: 10€

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