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Private guided tour

Villa Carmignac offers personalized support for your visit. Let yourself be guided whether with family, friends or in a professional setting, for a visit of around 90 minutes.

Under the intuition of guest curator Francesco Stocchi, the Villa Carmignac is transformed into a labyrinth and rethinks the concept of guided tours for the occasion.

The tour takes place in the Gardens, presenting the various artworks, and gradually gets closer to the Villa. The group is accompanied into an underground world to the doors of the exhibition. The guide withdraws and it is alone that each visitor will get lost in the meanders of the labyrinth.

Choose the day, time and language of your choice (French, English), depending on the availability of our guides. For the convenience of the visit, each group is limited to a maximum of 25 participants.


(In addition to the entrance tickets)

Groups up to 18 people
90 €/group

More than 18 people
5 €/per additional person


Further informations and reservation

by telephone on +33 4 65 65 25 50
or by mail at the address :

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