Le Fort Sainte-Agathe

Photo n°14 de Nicolas Floch

"Being an artist today means acting in a world in transition and questioning constantly changing contexts. The ocean is undoubtedly the territory that allows us to approach what is to come, it is at the heart of the great challenges that await us. Tomorrow, living, feeding and exchanging will be determined by its evolution". Nicolas Floc'h.


Renovated by the Port-Cros National Park in partnership with the Carmignac Foundation, the large round tower and the panoramic terrace of Fort Sainte Agathe welcome, as an extension of the exhibition The Imaginary Sea at the Villa Carmignac, photographs of Nicolas Floc'h's dives in the waters of Porquerolles, Port-Cros and the Levant.
For the photographic series Invisible, the artist follows the entire coastline in the area of the Calanques National Park, 162 kilometres. In this way, he fixes by image a state of the underwater landscapes between 2018 and 2020. The images taken between 0 and -30m, in natural light and at a wide angle, allow a panoramic approach of the seabed and its transformations.

Photo n°13 de Nicolas Floch

Ici, avec Invisible/Parallèle, suite à une quinzaine de plongées en apnée et en bouteille dans les lieux emblématiques de la région comme les Mèdes et la Gabinière mais également et essentiellement, dans des sites plus méconnus des habituels plongeurs, Nicolas Floc’h nous révèle les paysages sous-marins de ces îles : les roches de l’île de Bagaud, les étendues de sable de Porquerolles, les posidonies des trois îles ou encore les tombants du Levant.


Outside, a selection of photographs on the acidity of the water, taken around Vulcano in the Mediterranean, is presented. In this series, the Ph of these areas prefigures possible changes in the seas and oceans: the increase in acidity generating a dramatic drop in biodiversity.

Photo n°6 de Nicolas Floch

Attentive to the evolution of underwater landscapes, Nicolas Floc'h develops a work at the crossroads of science and poetry, abstraction and the organic.

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